Starting it off with 10 Days in Paris


Well, it’s finally here the official start of our retirement adventures! We have been itching to get on a plane and start traveling since we retired a month ago.

Let me just pause for a station break and say, I dislike the term “retirement” because it always conjures up this image of two old people with a pitch fork .

global-ID-ma-and-pa-kettle.jpgIn fact,  there is a great article in Huff Post on this very subject– “Let’s Find A New Word for Retirement“.  So I think until I find a better term, I am going to steal one of their terms  Life 2.5  (hmmm, not loving that either, but it will have to do for now).  If you have any better ideas, let me know!

Also, I am just warning you now, if you are the exclamation point police….move on!!!  You will not like it here.  My little pinky finger wants to slam that key about every other sentence.  I am trying to restrain myself as I type but it doesn’t always happen.

And–hey I am retired, I mean Life2.5’d — so I can do what ever I want—— exclamation point–exclamation point—exclamation point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oops, back to the adventure.  So besides being Life2.5’d , I am also an obsessive recorder of life.  I have oodles of scrapbooks, photo books, my daughter’s first bikini, locks of my boy’s haircuts, and not just a few volumes–but volumes and volumes of every moment in time.   I once even took a photo printer, book, stickers,  supplies, etc., on a 2 week road trip to Texas.  I took it all out every night in the hotel, printed all the pictures up, pasted all the souvenirs in and you get the picture–it was an ordeal– but I documented every single day of that trip.


It serves three purposes for me –1) keeps my very hyperactive mind busy, 2) feeds my need to be organized, and most important – 3) HELPS US REMEMBER WHAT THE HECK WE DID!!!

So this leads me to the new blog and why I started it.  I figure it still records my adventures, it’s easier than carrying a photo printer in my suitcase, keeps my brain occupied, it’s very, very portable- ( I mean I am writing this post on my little iPhone for goodness sake) and again the most important reason of ALL–it immortalizes all my posts in cyberspace so we will never forget what we did!  Who knows, I may even make a photo album of it.


Yep–a post it grid of our trips and adventures (I like to stay organized)


So yes, Ma and Pa Kettle are off to Paris for 10 days.  We would love to ‘take you along with us’ on our cyber journey, unless you are exclamation point phobic–(I will try to tone it down, but no promises) then it might scare you away.


So for now….Au revoir pour maintenant mes amis, vous voir au sommet de la tour Eiffel!

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