Travel Journal: Paris- (Notre Dame, Sainte-Chapelle and City Tour) 

BONJOUR!  We were up early thanks to Mr. Trash Truck at 6:45 am.  We had breakfast in our hotel of croissants and coffee, which is  a requirement in Paris I think.    This is the coffee it looked like syrup and tasted like it too.  Mike loved it obviously I didn’t. I had heart palpitations by 10:00 am and hypoglycemia by noon.  I am looking for a Starbucks tomorrow.

Next, it was off to brave the cold and start exploring.

Although I look like I am going to Antarctica, I was actually very comfortable.  It was 36 degrees when we stepped out of the hotel.  So it was a bit brisk.

We always start our travels with a city tour.  It gives us the lay of the land and a general direction of the city sites.  We bought the Paris Pass, which is a bit costly but since we love museums, tours, etc., it was worth it for us because it gets you into most sites for free  AND… you get to skip the lines!

The Hop on-Hop off bus tour was a good tour — its narrated in different languages, takes you around to all the major sites.
ONE OF US , forgot their earphones! I will not name names but we ended up having to share a pair.  This is like trying to walk together with one leg tied to the other person’s. Doesn’t work so well.   Also, one of us doesn’t hear so good either .  I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say next time we each bring our own!
I got some nice pictures because the views are different from the top of the bus vs the sidewalk.

Arc de Triomphe, taken from my Snapchat pic with the geofilter

Eiffel Tower

We will visit these places again up close in the next few days.
Once we made the full loop then it was off to Notre Dame de Paris. I highly recommend paying the $5 for the audio self guided tour.  You get this doohickey that you just point to the little circles on the paper , hold it up to your ear and it gives you a full narration of the history of the cathedral. Otherwise, it is just a quick stroll through the cathedral which would mean nothing, in my opinion. It was worth the $5, plus you get free admission to the treasury.

Audio Guide

Notre Dame looking at the transept

This is where the Crown of Thorns ‘lives’ — and can be seen the first Friday of the month and Lent.

As an added bonus this beautiful young opera singer was serenading us from across the street!

Next on to Sainte-Chappelle, considered the most beautiful church in Paris.  It was built in 1214. You must make sure to go to the Upper Chapel which by the way, is accessible by some very NARROW stairs!  The breathtaking view of the 13th century stain glass windows is amazing.  My little iPhone video doesn’t do it justice, something you must see in person.

So we accomplished what we set out to do today.  Usually 2 sites, 3 at the most is all we plan for.  Otherwise we don’t really enjoy it if we are rushed.
We always end the day with a happy hour cocktail.  Gives the little tootsies a rest and a chance to people watch.  In our case also die of smoke inhalation!  Man smoking must be a national pastime.
We found this little cafe close to the hotel.   I had a very warm margarita that was so tangy and tart I couldn’t finish it.  Serves me right for ordering a margarita in France!
So it’s in by 8p for us, probably a slice of pizza for dinner since we are not really ‘foodies’.  Tomorrow we head down to the Champs Elysees Area, look for the Disney store to buy some goodies for our ‘little chickie’, and try out the METRO.
~Mike and Donna~


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