Snapchat 101 : Part II The Basics (Lenses, GeoFilters, and Text)

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Hi Everyone!  I am back for Part II of Helping Old People Use Snapchat “Snapchat For Boomers”.   I hope last week was helpful and not too confusing.  Hopefully, you had fun playing around, using the camera, finding friends, torturing your family, and most important–making people laugh with your antics!  Today we move on to my very favorite part of snapchat  and what snapchat is really known for—lenses, filters and text.  Lenses are the best, like an instant makeover.

Here’s some of my craziness with the lenses, and yes I have sent every one of these to a family member!



  1. Use the front facing camera or the selfie camera.  Point your camera at  your face or your subject’s face ( but don’t snap a picture yet!)
  2. Now tap on the face, you will see a grid outline of the face (see examples below, I am using my right thumb and just tapping on the face to see the grid and lenses)


4.  Next scroll through all the crazy lenses at the bottom of the screen by swiping left (see my thumb at the bottom swiping through the lenses)




5.  Each lens will be pictured in the capture button.  Choose your favorite –it will add the effects to your face.  Below you will see my favorite today.



6.  When you find the lens you like, just tap the capture button and VOILA  your snap appears! (Doesn’t he look thrilled?)




Adding text is just as easy.  You can also add just text to your snaps or both lenses and text.

  1.  I have already added a lens to my snap and now I will add text.  Once you click the capture button you will see this screen.  Click the “T” for text in the top right hand corner.



2.   You will see this text bar, type your text and press done



3.  If you would like larger text or the ability to move it around, press the “T” again and you will see this larger text.



4.  If you want to get even crazier, you can also add emojis, sticker, bitmojis, etc.  After you snapped a picture and added a lens (you don’t have to) click the little sticker icon (I am not sure it’s real name)



5.  You’ll get pages and pages of stickers and fun things to add.   See all the sticker pages at the bottom of the screen, just swipe and you will see oodles of fun things to add!



6.  Here’s my masterpiece!  It has the cute tiger lens, text, some stickers and my bitmoji.



7. When you are all done, press the blue arrow (bottom right)img_8538



8.  Now send it!IMG_8540.JPG



According to snapchat, Geofilters are special overlays that create the “Where and the When” of the snap.

  1.  After snapping your picture go to the  bottom of your screen swipe right to see lots of geofilters.  Below are some examples.  Choose the one you want and hit the blue arrow to send!


I know, it looks like Mona Lisa’s mugshot!  I’m a giver, warts and all.

That’s it for now peeps, hopefully you enjoyed Part II of Snapchat for Boomers!   Part III will focus on Snapchat Stories.  Stories are like fun little videos to share with the world for 24 hours!

So “Go Forth and Set the World on Fire”!

~Mike and Donna!

*DISCLAIMER: I am not a snapchat expert, just a long time user–the above tutorial is how I use snapchat. I am sure there are bigger and better ways *

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