Snapchat Spectacles Hack: Changing Lenses

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I promise this will be my last post about Snapchat for awhile especially since we leave for Scotland, London and NYC in 5 days .

Snapchat Spectacles  are finally available online so I ordered a pair 3 weeks ago hoping to get them before my trip.

Well, they finally arrived!   You can read all about what they do here .  I don’t want to bore you with the details and this post is really about changing the lenses.

Okay, so changing the lenses.  Why you say?  Well, to me it seems really awkward to be wearing sunglasses indoors, or at night AND it gives off a ‘creepy’ vibe in my mind. So I did some research and found out you can change the lenses!  Yay!!!

Let me start with saying that these glasses are ugly.  Sorry Snapchat–they are.   I can’t even sugar coat it.  There is nothing flattering about these glasses.   Well unless your a fashion icon like Iris Apfel, then they are awesome.   They look horrible on me.  But for handsfree snapping, I guess I will have to sacrifice fashion.




The first thing you need to do is order your replacement lenses.  I found my lenses  here,  If you’re lucky you will get the 50% Coupon.  I ordered the transitional lenses–clear when you are inside and slightly tinted when you are outside.   I also ordered a yellow ring delete kit, because I thought without the yellow rings they might look better.  Actually, they don’t.  So I abandoned ship on that idea after I tried them on.  Basically, they are just cheapie stickers, and I got them on eBay.




Well, I neglected to get pictures when we actually changed the lenses.  I was so excited I forgot.  It is super hard to do, so I won’t be changing them back for this post.  Sorry!  But, I will give you a few tips.

GlassesUSA has a youtube video.  You can view it here.  This did not work for me.  I found this spectacle video much better.

IMG_0367So to pop out the lenses, you will need to grab the frame opposite the yellow circles which is the most narrow part of the glasses.

Grab the frame with your thumb while popping up on the lenses with your index finger.  You will need to use just a tad bit of force.

I actually chickened out because I thought I would break them, my husband did it.

To put the new lenses in, start on the yellow ring side and the outside of the frame.  Gently insert the new lenses in the frame going all around a little at a time until they are seated in.  That’s it!

TIP:  Make sure to grab the thinnest part of the frame because that will be the area of least resistance.







I decided after trying them to take off the blackout stickers.  I think the yellow rings draw the eyes away from the massive black frames.  I always wear a hat anyway when I travel so I don’t have to mess with my hair.  I think it helps hide the glasses, but unfortunately there is a flaw in that plan.   The bill of the hat shows in the snaps.  Oh well.


I hope that helps!  Enjoy your spectacles and don’t forget to set the world on fire!

~Mike and Donna~

















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