5 Dumb Questions People Ask You When You Are Retired


1.  What Do You Do All Day?

I sit in my rocker and watch Oprah while I knit a sweater for my dog.

Really?  The only thing that changes when you retire is that you are happily unemployed. A job has nothing to do with how you choose to live your life.

And if you must know,  we spin 45 minutes, 4 days a week.  We have a gazillion, I mean a gazillion house projects that are half finished. Projects we have been putting off for years because we worked all week.  We travel every 2-3 months and plan every ounce of it ourselves.  Trip planning is a full time job right there!   We also have dental appts, hobbies, crafts, unfinished books, unwatched documentaries….and the list goes on and on.   Oh and let's not forget HAPPY HOUR at 4pm!  (5 O'Clock somewhere—that's for people that work.  Retired peeps- we get to start at 4pm)


We are also lucky to have a never ending stream of dogs, kids, people, friends, family, adult children and anything else that breathes in our house when we are home.  That alone keeps us running like chickens with our heads cut off–all day long.

2.  How Can You Afford It?

Besides that it's nobody's business–the short answer is, of course we can.  Or why would we do it? Duh.

We have actually been asked that question many times. And that probably goes for 99% of retirees.

3.  Aren't You Afraid Of Being Bored?

No–See #1


4.  Don't You Worry About Your Brain?

Yes.   And I also worry about world peace, hunger, and Nordstrom's half yearly sale.  But it's not going to stop me from living my retirement life.  If you look at studies, statistics and anyone you know over 80– most are social, happy, and stay active their entire lives.

Look at these gals Gramma and Ginga, they are 102 and 97 year old sisters.  They are hilarious and cuss like sailors.  Both of them are sharp as tacks.  They are on talk shows, facebook, you tube and traveling all over the country.  I don't think either are vegetarians or go to Zumba everyday–they are just happy and living life.  And so are we.

Screenshot 2017-08-10 21.31.41

5.  Can You Run An Errand For Me?

Sure, if we are in the country and have nothing scheduled like lunch, happy hour, dog sitting or an exercise class.  But the chances of that happening are slim to none.  So probably best not to ask.


about page-tile

Alrighty it's time for me to go take my teeth out and put them in a glass…..lol.

Remember "Retirement is For the Fearless and Not The Fearful!  #forget14gofor20!!

Take Care Everyone–  Donna

3 comments on “5 Dumb Questions People Ask You When You Are Retired”

  1. Another great post. Love your humour. Ye,t the funny thing is, these are real examples. So relate to all your examples 🙂


  2. Super funny! While we are not retired I get asked some of the same questions. Keep em coming, my friend! 💕💁


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