The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo A Night To Remember

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When we returned home from Scotland last March, we knew it was the beginning of a relationship that would last forever. Within a week we were already planning our ‘wee’ return . (Yes- I have been dying to use that word since we arrived so be warned, I plan to sprinkle a few more in for good measure).

Anyway, what better excuse to return to Scotland than to see the military tattoo. Funny, it’s a hard habit to break, thinking we need an excuse to travel. I forget OCCASIONALLY that we are happily unemployed..
So, we booked a one way ticket to Scotland, an Airbnb entitled, “Next to the Castle” which was literally next to the castle, and some awesome seats to the Tattoo.

Edinburgh Castle is the best backdrop I have ever seen and I have seen more backdrops than ‘wees ‘ in Edinburgh (we go to lots of plays). That amounts to a load of backdrops people. The entry is gorgeous all lit up with fire, like being back in medieval times. If only Jamie Fraser would walk out, then I could just die and go to heaven… Oh stop worrying–my ‘wee’ husband is amused by it all. Hmmm….not sure if ‘wee’ and husband should go together but too bad, I’m keeping it.

But then those kilted pipers march out, and I’m literally melting. Apologies to the ‘Hubs’—this post turned out to be all about me. That’s okay, I know for a fact he lives by the rule, ” A Happy Wife, Is A Happy Life.” Maybe, because he has it tattooed on his left shoulder? Yes, I jest….but it’s not off the table yet.

There are performers from all over the country, with dances, music, lights, color. It just assaults your senses–in a good way of course! The weather was phenomenal—at first—-then as is the usual in Scotland–the heavens opens up and it pours. Now, how convenient to have this little number. “Singing in the Rain” just as it starts to pour. Yes, I wondered the same thing, was that just a coinky dink, or do they only put it in when it pours?

These backdrops where unbelievable and I know I mentioned them twice already, but it was one of the highlights of the whole event (besides the kilted pipers– did I mention that already?) for me anyway.

I am going to have to end here….we are going to arrive in Orkney any second.

I just wanted to let everyone know we weren’t kidnapped by Highlanders on horses, in kilts, with swords, and long red hair…. we are safe, sound , and having a blast in Scotland!!!!!!
Take care……Donna
(Sorry no spell check today)



  1. September 5, 2017 / 1:15 pm

    Hi Donna
    Sounds like this “wee” tattoo was a blast, and you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. Love all the beautiful photos.

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