6 Things To Do In Beautiful Dornoch, Scotland

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Hello, everyone–yes we are alive and well!  I can’t believe I haven’t posted since October 2017.  Ugh…I should be kicked out of the bloggers club.

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Well, we have been traveling ‘fools’—-which is my not so legitimate excuse for being A.W.O.L.

You can always find us on Instagram at SarjeantsOnFire where we are posting pics of our travels, with a bit of microblogging in the captions— at least 3 times a week.

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One last thing about my poor blogging habits and then I will move on to Dornoch.  One of the reasons I was not blogging regularly was I was making it way too hard on myself.

It’s virtually impossible to blog on the road, with the spotty internet connections and being dead tired after an all-day road trip, or train ride, or tour, or whatever.  Okay, it’s not impossible, it’s just a pain in the behind…

I did the ‘long story longer thing’ didn’t I?  Hahahaha, I hate when people do that.  They say, “To make a long story short…” and then it goes on for another 30 minutes.  Anywho, I am going to try to post smaller snippets of info and see if that improves my blogging skills.

(source: Historylinks Museum Image Library

Back to Dornoch.  We love Dornoch, have been twice and stayed there for 7 days the last time.  If you are going to the Scottish Highlands, make sure you go to Dornoch.  It’s a gorgeous little town that has lots to offer and is the perfect home base for many day trips around the highlands.

1. Discover The Story of Skibo, Andrew Carnegie’s Scottish Estate at The Historylinks Museum


Historylinks is one of the very few 5-star museums in Scotland. Dedicated to the history of Dornoch parish, current displays include a golf professional’s workshop where Donald Ross honed his skills, Carnegie at home at Skibo, the shameful burning of Scotland’s last condemned witch and the impact of the Picts and the Vikings. Films include Sutherland in 1950 and the Dornoch Light Railway. Visitor translations in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. (source:  HIstorylink Museum)

2.  View The Beautiful Stained Glass and Gothic Architecture at Dornoch Cathedral


Dornoch Cathedral’s first service was held in 1239 and it continues today as a parish church. Originally Roman Catholic rites were observed but since the Reformation, it has been part of the Church of Scotland.

And if you’re like me…a bit starstruck (who am I kidding…completely starstruck).  Dornoch Cathedral was also where Madonna baptized her son Rocco, and billionaire Elon Musk of Tesla fame married his second wife Talulah Riley.

3.  Look For The Plaiden Ell in The Dornoch Kirkyard


There are only 3 left in Scotland, and Dornoch has one of them.  More info on the plaiden ell here.

4.  Sample Some Whisky at Carnegie Whisky Cellars


Mike is a whisky guy, and Dornoch is a whisky town (actually what town in Scotland isn’t a whisky town?) so it’s a win/win for us.   In fact, we are going back to Scotland (yep, 4th time to Scotland)  in October for the Dornoch Whisky Festival.

But, if you can’t get there in October, have no fear—book a whisky testing at Carnegie Whisky Cellars.  The guys are very knowledgeable and Mike really enjoyed it.

5. Have A Hot Chocolate at Cocoa Mountain


6.  Go To The Jail And Do Some Shopping


Ha, ha, ha–I got you on that one!  In the heart of Dornoch is the county of Sutherland’s 19-century jail.  In 2000, it was completely transformed into a unique shop.  It has jewelry, home goods, Scottish gifts, country wear, cashmere and more.

The only ‘souvenir’ I wanted on our 5-week trip was a Barbour jacket–lucky enough this place had lots of Barbour.

Bonus tip:  Upstairs is the sale area, and I saw plenty of Barbour items for a pretty good discount.

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