Getting Our Vegan Prep On In St. Andrews

Today was our big cooking day. We went to our local Tesco and bought a bunch of food and made large batches of Lentil Chili, Mushroom Pasta and Vegan Meat Burritos. We got the Vegan Meat recipe from Brand New Vegan, it’s made from cauliflower, mushrooms and walnuts and is delicious.

Since were here for 30 days, and we can’t eat out all those days, we have to cook. Not just because it’s costly, it’s also very unhealthy, and it’s hard to find Vegan food in restaurants.

We also bought these containers to store all the food. There are 6 containers for roughly 2 pounds, which is pretty cheap. So we make huge batches of food and just store them in these containers. It makes it so much easier to take lunch on day trips and when we move on to the next AirBnb.

On another note, we are both fighting jet lag so we just did a bit of exploring then went back home. Tomorrow we will be taking a day trip to somewhere. I have no clue where, since Mike does all the planning!

Until next time….👣 Happy Trails To You…Donna


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