Scotland’s St. Andrews ‘U’ Sinners

We arrived to St. Andrews, Scotland last night after about 24 hours of travel. We have been here before but only for a night and really wanted to come back. So we decided it is our first stop on our 1 month Scotland vacay. We also have an amazing AirBnb right in the heart of the Main Street!

Anyway, besides the very well known golf course that ‘lives’ here–it is also the home of the University of St. Andrews. A university with loads of American kids—man, that would be a nice ‘gig’ if you can get it. Going to a gorgeous ‘U” in beautiful Scotland.

So once we got settled, we decided to do our ‘usual’ and get some groceries. Boy was this town bustling! There were college kids everywhere, mostly girls, prancing through the street in these OTNB get ups, carrying alcoholic beverages 😀.

Since the alcohol aisle was noticeably wiped out in the local Tesco, we asked the checker what’s the scoop. She told us that the sports team at the ‘U’ is called the saints, and that the first Wednesday of the month they do some kind of ‘sinner’ celebration, you know like a pregame ritual.

🗣Hey Parents, this is your college dollars at work! Ha, ha, ha….Not to worry, it looked like normal college antics. I am sure all the kids were in and asleep by 10 (cough, cough).


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