9 Things To Do On Isle of Skye For The Slow Traveler

Somewhere over the rainbow, lies the Isle of Skye.  The largest of the Inner Hebrides, it’s home to some of Scotland’s most iconic landscapes.  It’s a perfect slow travel destination because of it’s vast coastlines and quaint villages scattered throughout the island.

Places like Skye being so spread out is our favorite type of slow travel destination.  It means lots of road trips and we love road trips.   There are countless villages, lochs, hikes and things to do in Skye.  Of course, as slow travelers you would never hit them all nor would you want to.

If you are just going for the touristy spots like Kilt Rock, Old Man of Storr, and Fairy Pools then you will only need a few days.  But if you really want to get to know the island and the surrounding areas then you’ll need a car and 5 days or more.

Here’s a list of some unusual things to do that will take you day tripping all around the island and nearby villages.  We stayed for a week and still felt like we needed more time.


1. Stand 10 Feet Over Lealt Gorge

This bridge was recently opened and we only stumbled on it because it’s on the way to Kilt Rock.   There’s plenty of easy access parking.  You walk out to the end, look down and see the gorge and Lealt Falls.  It’s just incredible how much of an overhang the bridge has, and what’s even more incredible is that I walked out to the end.


2.  Take A Selfie At Kishorn Selfie Box

I am not even sure how we found this cute little selfie box, but glad we did.   It is located right smack dab in the middle of Kishorn a small town, that’s an easy day trip from Skye.  And it’s just waiting for you to step in and snap a selfie.  They even have instructions, cards and a log in the booth.


We also saw Kishorn Seafood Bar, if you want to have lunch after taking your selfie.  Oh, and don’t forget to hashtag and post your selfie!



4.  Visit Designer Alexander McQueen’s Grave

We watched a fascinating documentary on the designer’s life, and found he was buried in Kilmuir Cemetery on Skye.  I remember the cemetery from our last trip when we visited Flora McDonald’s grave.

McQueen’s runway shows were very controversial as were his designs, but he was still a great artist, and was very passionate about his Scottish roots.  It’s definitely worth a trip out.


While you are there look for the grave of Angus Martin.  His grave is marked with the effigy of a knight. Legend has it, Angus stole the grave slab from one of the Scottish kings buried on Iona.



5.  Take A Boat Ride Around Loch Coruisk

From the very tip of the peninsula on the south coast of Skye, lies the remote village of Elgol, a town of 150 residents.  Elgol is the place to take a boat ride to one of Scotland’s most isolated and breathtaking lochs – Loch Coruisk.  To get there you will need to drive some single track roads but the landscape is spectacular and worth it.

The boat will take you over to the loch where you disembark for an 1 1/2 hours to walk around the Loch (FYI–there are absolutely no facilities over there).  There you can enjoy a variety of wildlife and some outstandingly beautiful Highland scenery.  Be sure to pack a lunch, so you can take a break and enjoy the scenary.

On the trip back the boat staff offer you coffee, tea or hot chocolate with a biscuit or candy.


6.  Have A Latte And Scone At Nanny’s in Shieldaig

Shieldaig is not on Skye, but in the North West Highlands. It’s a featured town along the Northcoast500 an easy day trip that will still take you through the Skye landscape.

Nanny’s is a cozy and clean cafe with delicious food, cakes, teas and coffees with a stunning view of the Loch.  It’s a good destination for a day trip because of the beautiful drive and the Caledonian Pine Trees.


7.  Hike To Duntulm Castle

Duntulm Castle is a 14th-15th century ruined castle that is not accessible to the public. You are allowed to hike to the entrance, from there you can see the ruins.  Although, the castle history is interesting, I think the fascination lies in the walk there.


There is only one entrance and it is along a narrow, muddy and very WINDY sea cliff.  I am bit wimpy, so everything looks treacherous to me, but this seems pretty legit .  You are just out on this steep hill, right above the sea, and man is it windy.  Even my spit was blowing away!  But it is a cool walk.


8.  See Skye’s Wand Whittler Display

There is a whittler on Skye and he has this display in Cafe Sia that is definitely unique and fits in my “Quirky Things To Do” list.  Once you see the display, walk into Cafe Sia and have a wood fired pizza!  We enjoyed the pizza and the drive there.  It’s located on Ford Road, near  A87 in Broadford.


9.  Go To Gin School

Two brothers Alistair and Thomas Wilson founded the distillery in early 2016 and now give classes on how to bottle gin.   Gin enthusiasts will be able to create their very own gin recipe, bottle it, print a customized label and take it home.


If you are slow traveling in Scotland then Skye is a good choice.  There are so many roads and little villages,  you could explore for days and never fun out of things to do!





  1. November 13, 2018 / 2:07 am

    What a quirky, different selection of activities to enjoy at the Isle of Skye. In fact, if we are ever lucky enough to visit the Isle of Skye, I could see us doing everything you have suggested!!!

    • sarjeantsonfire
      November 13, 2018 / 4:32 am

      I love quirky and weird! Thanks for commenting Estelle!

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