8 Top Secret Highland Cow Locations

As a self proclaimed ‘Coo Hunter’ (for photos), I am always on the lookout for these wee beasties.  But, they can be very elusive especially for us foreigners.  Luckily, I have been able to find a few and thought I would share the list with you.

So without further ado…


1.  The Torridon Inn, Wester Ross


These guys live right on the premises.  As you are driving into the resort, they are to the right of the long driveway.


2.  Duirinish Railway Station

This cutie patootie, was a bit harder to find.  You will find them on the left side of the single track road on your way to the  remote railway station.


3.  Dornoch Near Oystercatchers Holiday Cottage

This herd was on an unnamed road in Dornoch.  Look for the BnB and it’s very close to there on a single track road.


4.  A87 near Isle of Skye Golf Club

We didn’t stop here because a whole bus load of tourists stopped first.  They are located north on the A87 just past the Isle of Skye Golf Club on the right.  It’s a busy highway, and there is nowhere to park, so proceed at your own risk!


5.  Isle of Skye, A855

On the A855 from Portree towards Old Man of Storr, there are some coos on the right side of the highway. Remember it’s a highway, but there is an emergency pull over spot, if you choose to use it then proceed with caution!


6.  Muckrach Country House Hotel

At the Muckrach Country House Hotel, lives Dougal and Hamish.  I fell in love with these two.  In fact, here’s an IGTV video from our Instagram account of me feeding them, which I had permission for.  It was probably the highlight of the whole trip for me.


7.  Aviemore

We found these guys last year so I am not exactly sure where anymore.  But it was going south from Aviemore, most likely along the B9152.


8.  Orkney

I wish I could give you more specifics on the Orkney location and I am sure they are everywhere.  It was on our way to Yesnaby Cliffs.  That’s the only thing I remember for details.


I know there are coos all over Scotland, but for these spots, I was the only one there.  Usually there is a huge crowd of people when these handsome devils are involved.

Please be kind to these gorgeous animals.  For the most part they are docile, but I am sure they wouldn’t hesitate to hurt you to protect their young or if provoked.  Also, you really shouldn’t feed them, touch them and definitely don’t tease them or do anything stupid to get a photo!

Happy Trails



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