Uncover These Hidden Treasures on the Isle of Skye

There are so many hidden treasures on the Isle of Skye and we have uncovered 8 amazing adventures for you. #sarjeantsonfire #isleofskye #uniqueadventures #slowtravelcouple #slowtravel


Somewhere over the rainbow, lies the beautiful Isle of Skye.  The largest of the Inner Hebrides, it’s home to some of Scotland’s most iconic landscapes.

There are countless villages, lochs, hikes, and things to do on Skye, but we are treasure hunters at heart and always on the lookout for unusual or unique adventures when traveling.

Of course, there are the traditional sites like Kilt Rock, Old Man of Storr, and the Fairy Pools which you should definitely visit.  But if you are looking for something totally different in or around Skye, then look no further because we have some cool things for you to do:


1. Fly Over Lealt Gorge


Remember that scene in the “Titanic” when she hangs over the edge of the ship and says, “I’m flying”…..well now’s your chance to relive that iconic moment.

Do you trust me?



There is a newly constructed steel and timber structure located right off the A855 called the Trotternish Viewing Platform .  It’s an easy stop with easy parking on your way to Kilt Rock.

What’s unique about this fascinating platform is the engineering behind the 10-foot overhang, especially since it hovers right over the gorge.

It feels a bit ‘unprotected’ as you walk towards the end.  Obviously,  it’s very protected I am just not a huge fan of ‘open’ heights.

Walk to the end and do your best Titanic impression (without climbing on the rail), and view the spectacular waterfalls.


2.  Take A Selfie At Kishorn Selfie Box


I really need to submit this to  Atlas Obscura the online guide to hidden wonders of the world because it’s so unexpected.

In fact, we actually have a published entry for Ringfinnan Garden of Remembrance in Ireland if you want to read it.

One hour and thirty minutes away from Skye is a little area called Kishorn, home to the Kishorn Seafood Bar, a gift shop, and the UK’s first red selfie box.



The selfie box is the brainchild of Robert MacInness who maintains the booth and the social media accounts.

It’s such a cute idea and we laughed so hard, trying to do the selfie dance in this little phone booth.  Obviously, we accomplished our goal, and I highly suggest you try it too.


Go down in history as taking a selfie in the first red selfie box in the UK!

Make sure to post your photo to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #kishornselfiebox and tag us too #sarjeantsonfire.

Also, check the facebook page before you go since it is seasonal, like the gift shop and the famous seafood bar.



3.  Visit A Famous Fashion Designer

It was very unexpected to find a famous fashion designer buried in this remote little cemetery on the northern tip of Skye.

Lee Alexander McQueen was the chief designer at Givenchy until he started his own label in 1992.  He was a gifted artist who used controversy and innovation in his runway shows.  Sadly, he killed himself in 2010, after his mother’s death from cancer.

Alexander was very passionate about his Scottish roots.  Although his mom was English, his Dad was Scottish born on Skye.   Many of McQueen’s designs were influenced by his heritage.

His wish upon death was to be buried in Kilmuir Cemetery overlooking the sea.





4.  Have a Wee Dram with Flora and Angus

There are so many hidden treasures on the Isle of Skye and we have uncovered 8 amazing adventures for you. #sarjeantsonfire #isleofskye #uniqueadventures #slowtravelcouple #slowtravel


Kilmuir Graveyard is one of the most beautiful and fascinating graveyards in Scotland.

It’s known for the last resting place of Flora Macdonald, infamous for helping Bonnie Prince Charles escape Scotland, after his defeat in the Battle of Culloden. You can’t miss her grave, it’s the tallest cross in the cemetery.

It is said that mourners drank 300 gallons of whiskey at her funeral.  So make sure you also tilt a cup to Flora.

Now meander to the back of the cemetery and look for an effigy of a knight.

It is the gravesite of Angus Martin, a Clan Chief from the 15th century.  Legend has it, that Angus carried the slab up the shore on his back after he stole it from an ancient burial ground of 48 Scottish Kings, on the Isle of Iona.

No one knows if it is true, but the story lives on.  And I bet ol’ Angus wouldn’t mind sharing a wee dram with you either.

Slàinte mhath !




5.  Sing The Skye Boat Song on Loch Curuisk

From the very tip of the peninsula on the south coast of Skye, lies the very remote village of Elgol, a town of 150 residents.

Elgol is the only place to book a boat to one of Scotland’s most isolated and breathtaking lochs- Loch Coruisk.  It is an inland fresh-water loch that lies at the foot of the Black Cuillin mountains.


There are so many hidden treasures on the Isle of Skye and we have uncovered 8 amazing adventures for you. #sarjeantsonfire #isleofskye #uniqueadventures #slowtravelcouple #slowtravel

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The famous Skye Boat Song the song about Bonnie Prince Charles’ escape after the Jacobite rebellion, was inspired by rowers singing a Gaelic tune while taking Anne MacLoad over to Loch Coruisk.

Anne wrote the melody, the lyrics were later added by Sir Harold Boulton.



To get to Elgol you will need to drive on some curvy single track roads but the landscape is spectacular and worth the effort.

Once you get to Elgol—go down to the dock and hire a boat.  We used Misty Isle Boat Trips.  The boat takes you to the loch where you disembark for 1 1/2 hours to hike, enjoy the wildlife and all the beautiful Highland scenery.

There are no facilities on the Loch except the Loch Coruisk Memorial Hut .  The hut was built in the 1950s in honor of two climbers who died on Ben Nevis.  It is maintained by the Junior Mountaineering Club of Glasgow and can only be used if booked through them.



6.  View the 160-year-old Scots Pines in Shieldaig

This picturesque little village of 80 residents, could be easily missed.   It sits just off the ‘main’ road in the North West Highlands.  There is a beautiful grassy parking area with a breathtaking view of the loch and the beautiful Scots Pines on Shieldaig Island.

The 180-year-old trees were planted as poles for fishermen to dry their nets.  Today there is a thriving bird population on the island and can only be visited by permission.



Really, it’s just a great excuse for a day trip from Skye, not only to have lunch but to marvel at the gorgeous highland scenery on your drive over.

Be sure to stop in at Nanny’s , a cozy little cafe that has delicious food, cakes, teas, and coffees.




7.   Hike To The Hereditary Pipers Cairn

Perched high on a cliff, the Macarthur Cairn sits at the foot of Duntulm Castle.  After many a clan dispute, the castle was finally granted to the Macdonald Clan in 1618, where they occupied it for over 100 years.

The Macarthurs were hereditary pipers for the MacDonalds.  They were esteemed in piping next to the MacCrimmons and, like them, ran a School for Instructions in Pipe Music.

Charles MacArthur, the last hereditary piper of Clan MacDonald, is buried nearby in Kilmuir Cemetary.

The Macarthur cairn reads:

“This cairn is to commemorate the Macarthurs
Hereditary pipers to
The MACDONALDS of the Isles
During the 18th century
Their school of piping stood at nearby Peincown
‘Thig crioch air an t-saochal
Ach mairidh càol is ceùol.’
(The world will end
But love and music endureth.)”

The castle is in ruins today and fenced off so don’t plan on seeing a castle.  The walk to the cairn is the best part of the trip.  There is only one entrance and it is along a narrow, muddy and very WINDY sea cliff, so bring the proper gear.






8.  Go To Gin School

Anyone can bring a bottle of Whiskey home from Scotland.  Be different and take home a 500ml bottle Gin you made yourself.

Alistair and Thomas Wilson founded the distillery in early 2016 and now give classes on how to bottle gin.

You will be able to make their very own gin recipe, bottle it, print a customized label and take it home.  Now that’s my kind of souvenir!




Did I miss anything?  Do you have any unique adventures on the beautiful Isle of Skye?  Let us know below we’d love to hear from you!

Until next time…..


Happy Trails 👣,




There are so many hidden treasures on the Isle of Skye and we have uncovered 8 amazing adventures for you. #sarjeantsonfire #isleofskye #uniqueadventures #slowtravelcouple #slowtravel


Mike and Donna have been slowly and blissfully exploring the world since 2017. Slow Travel has changed their lives forever. They will never go back to that fast-paced travel lifestyle again. Not only do they practice slow travel but also slow living. Leave a comment! They would love to hear from you….


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