About Us

Don’t be afraid to retire.   Enjoy your life now!

I am an obsessive chronicler of life, social media fanatic, and carefree spender. Mike is my patient husband.  Mike is the bill payer, ticket booker, fear calmer, and gift giver.    We are both happily unemployed and enjoying every single day.

This blog is about loving retirement and living without fear.  It’s about waking up with a sense of purpose and learning new things.  Come along with us, as I chronicle our new LIFE and our new ADVENTURES!

Hopefully, You will learn things like getting to Versaille by train from Paris, how to Snapchat a story,  taking a tour in Prague, staying in a castle in Scotland, renting a car in the UK, and much more.

~ Donna~


Donna has worked in healthcare for 40+ years, she started her career as a Nursing Assistant and retired as a Nurse Practitioner in quality improvement.

Mike retired as Deputy Chief of the Fire Department after a very long career- hence the name of the blog “Sarjeants On Fire”.  They met 26 years ago, when Donna was teaching paramedic school.   They have raised 3 beautiful kids and have a large, supportive extended family.

They both walked away from their jobs, on December 13th, 2016 at the peak of their careers knowing the best was yet to come. So many people complain about working and so many people complain about being retired, they didn’t want to be one of those people.   They spend every waking moment planning adventures, traveling, working out, socializing and go to bed exhausted every night wondering how they can add more hours to the day.

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