The Most Beautiful Mall I’ve Ever Seen Is in Moscow

It feels like a very extravagant hotel when you enter the Gum department store in Moscow’s Red Square.  I literally…

You Can Still Have an Awesome Time in DC if the Smithsonian Is Closed

Smithsonian closed? Not your thing? No problem, there are still plenty of cool things to do in DC. This post is packed full of info, videos, and tips for things to do in DC if the Smithsonian is closed.

Uncover These Hidden Treasures on the Isle of Skye

There are so many things to do on Skye, but did you know there are some hidden treasures on and around the Isle of Skye? We have uncovered 8 amazing ones for you!

The Best Places to Take Highland Cow Photos in Scotland

The Highland Cow is the gentle giant of the Scottish Highlands. They have a gorgeous hairdo, a sweet personality, and are very photogenic. But finding them can be hard. We are sharing some secret spots where you can find them– just you and the ‘Coo’.

Slow Traveling Rome’s Jewish Quarter: A Hidden Treasure

Slow traveling means taking the time to find the hidden gems a city has to offer. The Jewish Ghetto or Jewish Quarter in Rome is one of those treasures. It is steeped in history and a perfect place to relax and soak in the culture.

The Most Authentic Way to Get from Paris to Versailles

Being authentic simply means being true to yourself and your beliefs.  As slow travelers, we try to live that lifestyle every day. Taking it slow, making connections, and saving the planet is a huge part of the slow travel lifestyle. What better way to do that than to use public transportation.

A Complete Guide to Renting A Car and Driving in Scotland (2019 Update)

Renting a car and driving in Scotland can be scary. We have logged over 8,000 miles on the road there and are sharing all our driving tips with you.

6 Cool Things To Do in Colorful Kinsale

We love Kinsale.  It’s a vibrant little port town in Ireland that explodes with color at every turn.  It’s one…

Two of the Best Slow Travel Towns in Scotland

If you are new to slow travel, or even an experienced slow traveler, you should consider Scotland as your next…

Our Week In Oban

Oban is known as the “Gateway to the Isles”.  There are many ferries that depart from it’s main port and…

Oban, Scotland

An Unforgettable Falconry Experience In The Argyll Countryside

Just a quick little post on our experience the other day in the Argyll countryside.  If you ever get a…

Need a new and different adventure in the Western Highlands of Scotland, try the Finn Falconry Experience.

The ‘Not So’ Secret, Secret Bunker of Scotland

Under this little brick building, 100 feet down, lies a 2400 sq foot ‘secret’ bunker from the post Cold War…

Our review of Scotland’s Secret Bunker in St Andrew

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