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Why We Fly Norwegian Air Premium Class To Europe

Retirement without fear, also means living a stress free life. Norwegian Premium Class is an affordable and comfortable way to fly to Europe. You can enjoy your flight without breaking the bank!

How To Fall In Love With Edinburgh In 3 Days

Edinburgh was our first stop on our 2 week jaunt around Scotland. Even in the 3 days we were there, we absolutely fell in love with the city.  It’s so easy to do and here’s how: 1. Ask A Wee Question You definitely need to engage with the locals because they are some of the

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Snapchat 101 : Part II The Basics (Lenses, GeoFilters, and Text)

Hi Everyone!  I am back for Part II of Helping Old People Use Snapchat “Snapchat For Boomers”.   I hope last week was helpful and not too confusing.  Hopefully, you had fun playing around, using the camera, finding friends, torturing your family, and most important–making people laugh with your antics!  Today we move on to

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Snapchat 101 : Part I The Basics (Creating an Account, Adding Friends and Snapping)

I love snapchat. I love snapchat because it allows you to act silly and do silly things.   What better way to enjoy life then by laughing and making other people laugh.  Laughing makes you live longer, who doesn’t want to do that? Snapping is easy once you learn the basics. I mean who doesn’t want

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Do You Really Need To Carry Your Passport With You At All Times?

Before our last trip to Paris we were in a conundrum.  We couldn’t decide whether to carry our passport on our body at all times or just leave it in the hotel.  So of course we did what all human beings do when they need sage advice —-  we GOOGLED IT!  Here’s the first thing

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Paris Myths Uncovered

  So many people want to tell you their horror stories about Paris but you never seem to get the good stuff.  Actually, for the sake of full disclosure I had 2 friends tell me some good stories but 90% were negative and even from people that never visited the city! Well, I want to

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