Here’s Why We Still Carry Our Passports Even Though It’s a Huge Hassle

Your passport is usually the only valid identification you have abroad, so why would you leave it in your hotel? You’ll change your mind after you read this.

How to Save Big Money on USA Cellphone Charges in the United Kingdom

We saved hundreds of dollars on one month of cellphone data in the UK. Read how we did it.

The Most Important Travel Accessory For Scotland

Scotland gets between 150-250 days of rain per year. Of course, it depends on the area you are in and…

When Boomers Travel With Millennials: Lessons Learned

Usually when we travel, it’s just Mike and I.  It’s a pretty easy gig–1 suitcase, 1 backpack, a fanny pack…

8 Travel Blogger Poses You Should Try: Make Your Next Vacation Pics Fabulous!

“… bloggers always have such artistic pictures. Besides, the awesome photography, many enliven their pics with imaginative poses. I think it gives the photos more character a joie de vivre quality. Try these 8 poses to make your vacation pictures better!”

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