When You’re Claustrophobic the Eurostar Train Underwater Can Be Scary, But Take It Anyway Because It’s a Cool …

Can you guess what THIS traveler’s idea of absolute HELL is?  Being in an elevator!  Why? Because I’m claustrophobic and I absolutely…

Here’s a Foolproof Method to Finding a Legitimate Airbnb and It Only Requires You to Ask ONE Question

  With all the news on Airbnb recently, I thought I would share a quick post on how we find…

Our Secret to Finding ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Adventures Around the World

Going off the beaten path, or taking the road less traveled is a great way to have a unique experience without being surrounded by hoards of people. Now there is an easy way to find hidden gems from all around the world and we will show you how.

Our Top 10 Tips to Get You Through London Gatwick Airport Without Stress

When flying to London we always use London Gatwick Airport (LGW). In the last few years, we have clocked over 20 visits there. Gatwick is a great airport but it can be hectic whether it’s your first time or you’ve been there before. But have no fear, we have some tips that we are sharing with you to make your visit less stressful.

Here’s Why We Still Carry Our Passports Even Though It’s a Huge Hassle

Your passport is usually the only valid identification you have abroad, so why would you leave it in your hotel? You’ll change your mind after you read this.

How to Save Big Money on USA Cellphone Charges in the United Kingdom

We saved hundreds of dollars on one month of cellphone data in the UK. Read how we did it.

When Boomers Travel With Millennials: Lessons Learned

Usually when we travel, it’s just Mike and I.  It’s a pretty easy gig–1 suitcase, 1 backpack, a fanny pack…

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