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Snapchat Spectacles Hack: Changing Lenses

I promise this will be my last post about Snapchat for awhile especially since we leave for Scotland, London and NYC in 5 days . Snapchat Spectacles  are finally available online so I ordered a pair 3 weeks ago hoping to get them before my trip. Well, they finally arrived!   You can read all about what

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Snapchat 101 : Part II The Basics (Lenses, GeoFilters, and Text)

Hi Everyone!  I am back for Part II of Helping Old People Use Snapchat “Snapchat For Boomers”.   I hope last week was helpful and not too confusing.  Hopefully, you had fun playing around, using the camera, finding friends, torturing your family, and most important–making people laugh with your antics!  Today we move on to

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Snapchat 101 : Part I The Basics (Creating an Account, Adding Friends and Snapping)

I love snapchat. I love snapchat because it allows you to act silly and do silly things.   What better way to enjoy life then by laughing and making other people laugh.  Laughing makes you live longer, who doesn’t want to do that? Snapping is easy once you learn the basics. I mean who doesn’t want

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